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We are proud to take over the #62milliongirls initiative. Read more about it below.

Here at 62 Million Girls we love to provide good toy suggestions and other stuff for girls around the world who lack the educational opportunities of the most fortunate. We want the toys, gifts and other stuff we write about to help elevate these girls education, intelligence and impact on the world as they mature into young ladies and on into adulthood.

We believe that all girls of every race, both rich and poor should have equal rights to an education, have an opportunity to do something special and strive to become the leaders of tomorrows world.

Unfortunately more than 62 million girls around the world are denied the right to an education. When girls (and every human being at that) aren’t given the chance to realize their full potential, the whole world loses out.

See Our Choices of Toys & Gifts We Love for Millions of Girls Around the World!!

At #62MillionGirls believe that all people worldwide need to embrace the “Let Girls Learn” mindset started by the Girls Rising movement and what better way to do this than start with education at a young age with toys that teach girls all sorts of things from building sets such as Legos that teach engineering skills, to puzzles that encourage the development of critical thinking and patience all the way to mathematics related gifts to prepare girls for the business world.

If you’ve got a girl who you’re looking to educate, get started at an early age give her the gift of a toy that will help mold her into a leader of tomorrows world. We are strong advocates for and love the idea of donating educational toys to the many organizations that send educational stuff to less fortunate girls in relatively poor countries such as Africa and the like.

-With Love,
#62MillionGirls Team

Why we help

Today’s girls are tomorrow leaders! Each girl, whether rich or poor, has the distinct power to make this world a better place to live! Thus, we want to ensure every girl has an equal chance at getting an education so she can contribute her full potential to society.

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